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The pandemic has had a big impact on interpersonal behaviour.  While relationships and marriages have taken strain during the various lockdown levels and increased time spent at home, other relationships have thrived. People have spent more time with their pets than ever before, and pet adoptions have gone up too.  This has driven new demand for Pet Insurance – with pet owners wanting the reassurance that if things do go wrong and their pet gets sick or injured, they’ll never have to decide between their finances and Fido’s health and wellbeing.

“For many pet owners, their pets are treasured family members, so it makes perfect sense to have a solution that takes care of their pet’s healthcare needs, in much the same way as people rely on medical aid in a health crisis,” explains Candice Hobday, a director of ARCO360, an equine and pet insurance brokerage offering GENRIC Pet Insurance.

“If things do go wrong and your pet gets sick or injured, you’ll want the peace of mind of knowing that you can afford any unexpected veterinary bills – and you will never be forced into an untenable decision because you cannot afford a big upfront cost. The premise behind pet insurance is that instead of having to pay a large upfront lump sum for veterinary treatment for your pet, you can rather pay a much smaller, more affordable monthly payment which will go towards the cost of any treatment your pet may need in future.  In the current economic environment, not many people have access to large amounts of cash at short notice, and in a veterinary emergency, these amounts can be substantial,” explains Candice.

As the following claims illustrate, GENRIC’s pet insurance is emerging as an invaluable financial tool for pet owners to guard against unexpected veterinary costs, and to ensure that you will never have to decide between your finances and your pet’s health and wellbeing. 

GENRIC Pet insurance claims1:

  • Bane, the American Bulldog, got injured and required TPLO surgery on his back leg. Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO) is a surgical procedure used to treat cranial (or anterior) cruciate ligament rupture in the knee joints of dogs. Cranial cruciate ligament rupture is the most common cause of hind leg lameness in dogs.  Bane’s vet bill for the surgery came in at an eyewatering R43 400. Fortunately, Bane’s owner was covered under GENRIC Pet’s comprehensive plan, and the insurance claim was paid directly to the vet at R39 100.
  • Jiana, the Pomeranian developed hepatopathy and liver disease which required emergency treatment and hospitalisation.  Liver disease is a common condition in dogs that can lead to seizures, coma, and even death if left untreated. The cost for treating liver disease in dogs can get very expensive and involves diagnostic tests, lengthy treatments, and medications. Jiana’s R15 600 vet bill was paid out by GENRIC Pet at R14 100. 
  • Nala the Bulldog developed a nasty ear infection and had to undergo surgery.  The vet bill of R16 725 was settled by GENRIC Pet at R15 100, and Nala’s hearing is as good as can be!

1 These are some of the actual claims paid by GENRIC Insurance Company during Jun-Aug 2021.

² Based on a monthly premium of R348pm for GENRIC Pet’s Comprehensive Medical Expenses+ plan (2021 rates). 

“It is evident that pet insurance is a non-negotiable part of any pet owner’s healthcare planning strategy for their furry family member.  When you consider that a claim like Bane’s R40k TPLO surgery would be equivalent to around 9.5 years of pet insurance premium payments², the value and peace of mind provided is immeasurable in an environment where few pet owners can afford such a major financial knock,” explains Candice. 

Just like in your life, a health crisis or injury and subsequent treatment costs can come at very unexpected times and price tags. Having pet insurance is a lot like health insurance for people. It protects your finances from the unknowns, ensures access to quality care and treatment, and from ever having to make an unthinkable choice due to financial constraints. And your pet will have access to the best treatments and latest veterinary technology, which usually means better health outcomes.  “Your pet is likely to be part of the family, so if they are ill or injured, you need a solution that takes the pain out of unexpected veterinary bills, and never leaves you in a position where you have to choose between the unthinkable,” concludes Candice.

GENRIC Pet Insurance is not a pet medical aid.

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Premiums may be reviewed and escalated on an annual basis.

GENRIC Pet Insurance is underwritten and administered by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (43638).  GENRIC Insurance Company Limited is an authorised Financial Services Provider and licensed non-life insurer. Please note that Candice Hobday is not additionally remunerated nor does this article constitute as financial advice.

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