GENRIC Pet Insurance is the newest and most innovative pet medical insurance product (not a pet medical aid) in South Africa. It is designed to cover the unexpected, unforeseen and fortuitous veterinary costs that cats and dogs kept as household pets may incur as the result of illness or injury. Its development took cognisance of the strengths and weaknesses of other policies and therefore avoids their shortcomings from day one.

For Pets

  • Higher levels of care are now accessible without aggregate or condition/treatment specific limits.

  • This in turn improves the wellbeing and quality of life for the pet.

  • GENRIC Pet Insurance extends the lifespan of pets through improved wellness and through negating the choice between the owner having to pay high and un-budgeted veterinary fees and euthanasia.

For pet owners

  • Higher levels of care for his/her pets are now made affordable.
  • Pet owners can enjoy the company of healthy and active pets.
  • Pet owners can avoid the choice between leaving the pet untreated or incurring high and un-budgeted expenses or having the pet euthanised.


  • Higher levels care and more complex procedures are now made possible.

  • This makes the treatment of patients professionally more challenging and financially more rewarding.

  • Direct financial guarantees and payment of accounts improve the cash flow of the practice and avoid bad debts.


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GENRIC Pet Insurance is underwritten and administered by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (43638). GENRIC Insurance Company Limited is an authorised Financial Services Provider and Registered Short Term Insurer.


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